Social media has made us too wanting of likes and comments, that some would do absolutely anything just to get people’s reaction. However, when the response is not in our favor, the phrase ‘mind your business’ comes in. Now, this is one phrase that sounds and looks baffling when seen on social media comments. What then is the usefulness of social media? You post something on Twitter; it is the norm to expect people’s responses. Sending the person to mind his or her business for something open to see does not make sense in my opinion. Humans are thinking being and have responses to everything according to their understanding and background.

Not to get me wrong, some comments can be very rude or uncalled for; such should be responded with anything other than ‘mind your business’. Social media has become a part of human life and anything posted on social media is termed everyone’s business. So yesss, it is our business, lol.

Using the mind your business phrase can be very hypocritical. Come to think of this experience I had with a fellow commentator on Instagram. I really cannot remember what the post was all about. She commented on a post and I replied her comment and that was how we kept on replying each other before she threw in the mind your business phrase. I could not get it, this my fellow commentator left her so-called business to comment against another person’s post and when I did the same to her, I wasn’t minding my business. Well, I had to school her after that.

I believe the use of the mind your business phrase is best used when a person’s privacy is been invaded as far as it is not a criminal offense. Like posting a person’s nude on social media is invading on the person’s privacy, the poster should have minded his business, but not the commentators. Sometimes ago, I saw a video post of a lady in a public transport doing her makeup, most likely rushing to work and the poster secretly making the video. I was glad to see people use the phrase rightly on the comment section.
If minding one’s business means not engaging on another’ s post or comment, then almost every social media user is guilty of not minding one’s business. It should not only be used when it doesn’t favor you. Social media should be understood as already a huge part of human life and anything that goes in there is everyone’s business.


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