She disgusts me so much when I see her, I do not know why she is all over my Instagram explore. She is so ugly and worthless; I am finer than she is. Why is everyone all over her? Why is she progressing this fast as she has nothing to offer.

-Said a jealous friend.

These are some of the words that can pop from a jealous human and in order to feel better, some resort to cyber bullying.

Digital devices since invention have made a lot of impact on people and society at large. It has brought about change, improvement and easy interaction in human relationship and society. In comparison with the non-digital world, digital technology has impacted changes on the human intelligence and ways of getting/giving information, matchmaking and courtship, creating a capital market
and so on.

Digital devices have its disadvantages like crime and terrorism, deskilling, physical communication problem, privacy problems, job insecurity, copyright, and health issues. However, the focus here is on jealousy and cyber bully, its relationship with digital devices and possible recommendation.

According to Wikipedia, jealousy is as a result of insecurity, fear, concern, over relative lack of possessions, status or something of great personal value. This, therefore, comes with anger, resentment, inadequacy, helplessness or disgust. It is indeed a bad feeling.

Before the invention and use of digital devices like the computer and smartphones. Jealousy is not a new thing and has been on since human history. However, we now do not only get jealous of people we know and see physically, we now get jealous of random people from the internet. This has led to some effect of jealousy like unhealthy competition, fake life, and depression.

Jealousy from the digital device has now brought in a new form of reaction which is a cyberbully. Bullying has moved from not just use of only physical or said words to now electronic means. This therefore means that one doesn’t have to be stronger than the other to be a bully. These could include hate comment, lies, blackmail and threats.

Digital technology is a remarkable invention that has helped in making the world a global village. Unfortunately, it has affected human emotions in a negative way. Both the cyber bully and victim can be affected badly. The cyberbully feeling insecure with disgust from what is seen in a smartphone and resorting to internet trolling. The victim, on the other hand, starts to have a feeling of low self-esteem,
suicidal thought, frustration, and depression.

Thankful to the increase in cyberbully awareness and law enforcement in some countries, quite some number of bullies have had to find other ways to do better and some cyber bully victims have grown a thick skin. There is still more to do with respect to its awareness as many other countries are yet to take it up as a serious social problem.

Jealousy is a problem any human can possess but how to control and manage it differ with his or her human understanding. Possible ways to prevent and solve jealousy and cyberbully would be explained in the next article.



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